About Us

The Corporate Repair Facility  is a family owned and operated business located in West Bend, Wisconsin. Capitalizing on over forty years of experience. We specialize in quality assurance, rework, and inspection of Apparel, 

Accesories of all types and Footwear We take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their company's unique needs. 


The Corporate Repair Facility ,  strives to develop quality 

rework solutions for ALL Products , domestically and internationally, by continuously improving and utilizing quality practices, resulting in customer and employee satisfaction. 


Does your company have damaged goods? Tell us about it and we will find a solution. Send our team samples and we will get to work immediately. We provide your company with a detailed time, cost, plan, and final sample for your approval. Here at Corporate Repair Facility  we understand the importance of low costs and fast turn around time. 

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CALL US: 262-353-9181